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Solid Adsorbent based technology

Certified company

Summits Hygronics an ISO:9001 / ISO 14001/ ISO 45001 / ISO13485 company offers a complete range of products and solutions for CO2 Capturing Systems


Summits takes up a mission in developing Carbon Dioxide Capturing Systems along with CSIR-CECRI for many industrial applications

Our Proprietary Technology

  • A truly unique and innovative approach to remove CO₂ emissions in an energy efficient way using our low-cost swing adsorption technology
  • Our proprietary carbon capture process uses a series of adsorption and desorption vessels/chambers to capture the CO₂
  • This process can be applied on emissions from various sources, from gas, coal, cement, refineries, steel plants, waste-to-energy, process industries, biogas upgradation and even direct air capture
  • Flue gas emissions from the point source can be directly fed into our system at the same pressure and temperature, and the CO₂ gas will be captured and stored in a safe manner
  • A truly plug and play modular design that translates to next to no human interaction

Process Flow Diagram

Our Strength

Summits Hygronics Private Limited and Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI) have entered into a technology transfer partnership agreement on 17th June 2022 to manufacture and install CO2 capturing plants for various Industrial applications.

5+ years of screening and testing different adsorbents and optimizing the reactors for cyclic capture and release of CO2

27+ years of experience in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and gas generation plants

1000+ cycles completed with CO2 : N2 mixtures as feed

200+ cycles completed with biogas obtained from biogas generator and flue gas obtained from burning coal

Optimized energy cost for economic capture of CO2 in scale up to 20,000 tons/year

Key Benefits